Rok Kobe

Design the Model

A word from the Artist – Rok Kobe

The first step in creating this LEGO model was to gather graphic and textual material of the original building. This gave me a deeper understanding of the building and its architecture and were later incorporated and reinterpreted into the LEGO design.

The LEGO version of Big Ben underwent more than fifty concept versions, ranging from humble thirty-piece model to a large replica with the height of over forty bricks. This concept work was done primarily in LEGO Digital Designer, with some of the details tested in actual bricks.

What I found most challenging in creating this model was representing the richness of 19th century gothic revival architecture in a scale usually more appropriate for modern or contemporary architecture of smooth surfaces and clean lines. Nevertheless, with a towers width of only three studs, the LEGO model still captures the main traits of the building, its appearance and its spirit.