Designing the model: Farnsworth House

Design the Model

A Word from the Artist – Adam Reed Tucker

Farnsworth HouseTM is a structure that seemed to have been designed using only ordinary LEGO bricks, lending itself perfectly for exploration as a potential model.

The challenge may not seem so obvious: straightforward design and basic LEGO elements, what else could you ask for? However, there are two not so obvious challenges even with a seemingly easy build, namely those of scale and proportion.

The scale of the model needs to conform to an appropriate size which can capture all of the detail yet still be small enough to be manageable. In order to effectively replicate the balance between the refined white structural elements and expansive clear glazing, I would have to start with the smallest cross section I could make the vertical exterior columns.

After several attempts combining different elements the most promising turned out to be using basic 1x1 bricks. Everything else essentially fell into place now that an implied 1x1 grid was defined: the inviting steps, the floating floor and roof decks, the understated furnishings and cleverly designed built-in elements.

It’s fitting that recreating a minimalist symbol of modern architecture was done so with the simplest of LEGO bricks, the humble 1x1.