Rok Zgalin Kobe

LEGO Artist Rok Zgalin Kobe

Many of Rok Zgalin Kobe’s fondest childhood memories are linked to playing with LEGO bricks; in fact, he is proud to call himself a “second generation LEGO fan” having inherited his first LEGO sets from his own mother. The many hours he spent as a child creating entire LEGO cities, awakened an interest that would help shape his future:

“The incentive received from being a good LEGO builder, coupled with my drawing skills, actually inspired me to become an architect at an early age.”

Rok’s LEGO building skills would also prove useful as he took his first steps towards his chosen profession; first at high school and, later, at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He quickly realized the best way to truly see his designs was to create them as physical models:

“Models are more tangible than drawings; you have to pay attention to all sides of the building and account for various restrictions.”

After travelling extensively during his university years, Rok opened an architectural practice in Slovenia together with his wife, Ana. He also returned to University to embark upon a doctoral thesis.

LEGO has always played an important part in Rok’s life, so when an opportunity arose that would allow him to combine his passion for LEGO building with his professional career he didn’t hesitate:

“Now I can once again dedicate myself to LEGO building, and in collaboration with the LEGO Architecture team, feel the same joy of seeing designs materialize.”