Michael Hepp

LEGO Artist Michael Hepp

Michael Hepp’s journey to become an architect and LEGO Architectural Artist has been an interesting one. With a strong passion for the fine arts, architecture, literature and, not least, good food, it is perhaps no surprise to hear that he first trained as a chef, then as a carpenter and designer, before finally choosing to study architecture at the Cologne University of Applied Science.

For Michael, the common link between these various disciplines is the opportunity they gave him to express himself through his hands. This was also his reason for starting to work professionally with LEGO bricks:

“In my opinion there are so many options to connect and combine urban life with the LEGO brick, far more than just the reconstruction of buildings and cityscapes. The real challenge lies in discovering and interpreting them through the medium of the LEGO brick.”

His work as a LEGO Architectural Artist therefore gives him great satisfaction; not only does he get to express his work through his preferred medium, but he also gets to share this experience with others:

“When I am reconstructing buildings with LEGO, I see my work as an artistic interpretation of reality in which I am able to physically feel the proportional harmony and the nature of the building – and, hopefully, in the end the thoughts of the original architect as well.”