Seattle Space Needle

Creating a new model

Once the LEGO Architectural Artist has created a new building, the task of transforming it into a full LEGO model falls to Steen Sig Andersen. With over 25 years at the LEGO Group, Steen is one of the most experienced and respected LEGO model builders in the world.

“My task is to look at the model from a construction point of view. It’s important that I stay true to LEGO Architectural Artist’soriginal intentions, but ensure the best components are used for each part and work with what we call ‘the joy of building’. This means making sure the construction process is simple and logical, and a positive experience for the user.”

It takes Steen anything from a few weeks to many months to fine-tune a model depending on its size and complexity. The biggest challenges for both the artist and Steen are often the buildings with rounded lines.

“When you scale things down, it’s more difficult to achieve that rounded look when you’re working with squares and cubes. So with some models a few square edges are inevitable.”

Despite these occasional difficulties, Steen loves working with these models

“I really enjoy my role in the creation of LEGO Architecture products”.